SikuliFirefoxDriver extends Selenium’s FirefoxDriver by adding Sikuli’s image search capability. It is useful for automating interactions with highly visual interfaces such as Google Map, captcha(if the Image is same for Test Environment),and also for upload functionality).

Since SikuliFirefoxDriver directly inherits from Selenium’s FirefoxDriver class, you can use all existing methods provided by FirefoxDriver

Example below that uses findElement(By …) to locate Google Code’s search box and enter “AssertSelenium” as a search string:


findImageElement() is the method that allows one to find an element using an image.

How to Initialize SikuliFireFoxDriver ?

SikuliFirefoxDriver driver = new SikuliFirefoxDriver();         
ImageElement image = driver.findImageElement(new URL(""));

If you have used Sikuli before, its good to have a look at this. Other’s who haven’t tried Integrating Sikuli with Selenium , no more worries its already done here. The SikuliFireFoxDriver

The Page Object pattern is also supported and hence we can get the best out of this implementation.
A clean example is provided by the Developer’s themselves and its pretty explanatory.

The official page of SikuliWebDriver

Kudo’s to the team

2 Responses to “SikuliWebDriver”
  1. autumnator says:

    This is nice. Now, the next evolution up would be supporting such SikuliFirefoxDriver to work under Grid or RemoteWebDriver, such that both FirefoxDriver part and the Sikuli part both work in Grid (or remotely). It will certainly be tricky but would be interesting and nice when it can be done. Here’s some resources for trying to support it under remote/Grid mode:

    Another step in evolution is port what you have for the other drivers, IEDriver, ChromeDriver, SafariDriver, etc.

    • Thanks I am Glad you find it useful.

      Yes Indeed, it would be nice to have them working with GRID as well.(that will be a real challenge)

      Thanks for sharing your link that looks good for RC.

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